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Boys And Girls

Michael accepts delivery of a stack of pizzas, hoping it'll smooth things over, because everyone likes pizza. "Do black people like pizza?" he reconsiders. As everyone sits around eating it in silence, Michael says that Jan can be a bitch sometimes. When everyone agrees, he shushes them, saying they have a relationship. The office guys leave the trashed warehouse, as Darryl warns from below that "this isn't over!"

Everyone returns to their normal places in the office (and Jan crosses the parking lot) as Michael THs about how you need a gender mix in the workplace, because sexual tension fuels productivity or something. Speaking of which, Jim watches Pam answer the phone. Like she always has. Like she always will.

And to lighten things up after that downer ending, the tag brings us back in time to the warehouse visit. Dwight makes a Styrofoam-peanut angel in the pile on the floor as Darryl stares blankly into the camera, the only thing currently preventing him from committing murder.

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