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Branch Closing

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Branch Closing

From Michael's car, Dwight hangs up his cell phone, having learned that CFO David Wallace is out for the day. Fortunately, he has Wallace's home address in his cell phone, for his Christmas card list. Michael mocks Dwight for sending Christmas cards to someone he's never met. "And when we do, we'll have something to talk about," Dwight says, tipping a smirk at the camera guy in Michael's back seat.

Jim comes into Josh's office to once again ask who's coming from Scranton. 'Cause, you know, he's just curious. Josh still doesn't have any answers for him, and is in fact starting to act a little sketchy. That's when Jan comes in, glad to see they're both there. Jim's like, "What does this have to do with me?"

Ryan dumps Kelly, saying that it doesn't make sense to keep dating now that they'll be in different offices. Amazingly, Kelly buys it. He THs that this has worked out great for him in every sense. Presumably, he's also giving her his DM business cards to remember him by.

Ah, now I see what Creed is working on: he seems to be fencing office equipment to people coming in off the street. Apparently Scranton has quite the black market.

Dwight and Michael march up the front walk to Wallace's imposing house as Michael compares himself to Michael Moore, "famous" Only Michael could hang around with actual documentarians for a year or more and still not know how to pronounce the word. As Dwight knocks on Wallace's door, Michael goes on that Bowling for Columbine did not compare well to Kingpin, as bowling movies go. He doesn't mention The Big Lebowski, but I'm sure Michael found it arty and pretentious.

In Stamford, Jan is telling Jim that Josh is going to be running Dunder Mifflin Northeast, e.g. all offices north of Stamford, and Jim will be his number two. Which is the most out-of-the-blue promotion since Benson got made lieutenant governor (different show). Jim is obviously quite pleasantly surprised, so Josh picks this moment to break in and say that he's taken a senior management position at Staples. In other words, he took the restructuring that was happening around him and leveraged it into a new job. Totally sketchy. A pissed-off Jan realizes the company will have to come up with a new plan -- today, apparently -- and leaves Jim staring awkwardly at Josh. And a disgusted Jim THs quite sincerely says, "Say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would never do that." Well, at the very least, he would never get away with it.

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