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Branch Closing

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Branch Closing

Michael and Dwight have determined that Wallace isn't home, so all they can do now is wait. And prepare for the upcoming encounter by doing some role-playing with Dwight as Wallace. Michael confronts WallaceDwight, but when WallaceDwight is too reasonable and confident, Michael makes him start again. "Be more scared of me this time," he instructs. Dwight obliges, cringing theatrically.

Kelly is having Pam sign her company directory like it's a yearbook.

Jim paces in Josh's otherwise empty office, shrugging at Karen through the window. Jan reenters with a new plan: Scranton is absorbing Stamford now, and Jim can have the number two position there if he wants it. Well, that was quick. Jim is obviously less thrilled about this promotion than he was about the other one (which he had for five seconds). He mentions "unpleasant memories." Jan assumes he means Michael, but Jim assures her that's not the case. Yes, Jan, these are Jim's unpleasant memories, not yours. Do keep up. She takes her leave, telling him they'll do what they can to make him stay. Kind of jarring to see Jim being suddenly presented as such a valued part of Dunder Mifflin, even with the vacuum created by Josh's sudden departure.

And now, a series of short, unnecessary scenes designed to help "supersize" a half-hour sitcom into forty minutes:

1. Meredith is still trying to get some last-day nookie. Checking with Toby, she comes up empty.

2. Roy is at reception, learning from Pam that she's looking forward to concentrating on art school. Roy makes a big show of acting all supportive like he always used to not be when they were engaged, and just now learns that she's already started classes. The news hits him like a blow to the gut; it means she's moved on.

3. Dwight goes through Wallace's trash. Conclusions: the satellite TV bill means he's rich, and a coffee filter full wet grounds could mean Wallace either likes a hot drink, or needs to disguise the scent of smuggled cocaine. "It's a nice house," he observes suspiciously.

4. Phyllis has decided to try organizing a group lunch, but the first two people she asks, Kevin and Angela, can't even agree on a place. So she gives up.

5. Creed's got a fat wad of cash, and no desk computer any more. I bet he wishes Dwight were out of the office every day.

6. Dwight and Michael share a sport drink, Michael wiping the mouth of the bottle with the back of his tie before taking Dwight's sloppy seconds.

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