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Branch Closing

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Branch Closing

And Andy throws a conniption -- and lots of napkins -- in the break room. Looks like the Eagles pulled it out in overtime after all. He rapidly pulls himself together long enough for a farewell handshake with Josh.

Stanley unpacks again, saying he now has something to look forward to. The end of the episode, which by all rights should have come six minutes ago?

Meredith comes through the bullpen, congratulating Creed. "Thank you," he says. "I made like twelve hundred bucks." Meredith answers her desk phone, and it's a call from a guy named Gary, from the old days, who heard about the branch closing. Meredith is about to set him straight, then stops herself and says, "Can you be at my place in twenty minutes?" Meredith hits pay dirt! Dirty, dirty pay dirt!

It's dark outside Wallace's house, and Michael is having his doubts as they sit in the Sebring. Dwight says it was an honor, and Michael actually clasps Dwight's shoulder. He wants to go over Dwight's favorite Dunder Mifflin moments. They reminisce over Michael spraying Dwight with a fire extinguisher on his first day, Dwight's first sale, Dwight's promotion to Assistant Regional Manager (Michael doesn't correct him for once), the basketball game, and when Michael took Dwight to the hospital and told him he cared about him. Michael's embarrassed. His favorite moments? All of them, he claims, because he's not picking up a little holiday cash by recapping old episodes and thus isn't reliving them all like some of us are. "What about when Jan said the branch was closing?" Dwight asks, enraging Michael with his twin superpowers of literal-mindedness and moment-destroying.

As a group of DM Scrantonites head out to Poor Richard's, Phyllis stops at reception to quietly tell Pam that she heard Jim's coming back. But in all the confusion of people leaving, Pam doesn't hear any details, or indeed anything that might suggest Phyllis is doing more than talking out her ass. Roy comes back, and they share a little moment over the averted disaster. Well, Roy has a moment. Pam just says it would be a pain to have to find another job. 'Kay, bye, Roy!

Pam THs that she was expecting a severance package. But as we see Jim cogitating in Stamford, she talks about all the many minor inconveniences that finding a new job would entail. "So there are reasons to stay," she concludes.

Speaking of whom, Jim appears to be the last person still working at Stamford, save Karen. Jim gets up to leave, saying that he's decided to take the Scranton job, and if they offer Karen a transfer, she should take it. In other words, he has finally decoded Karen's coded message from earlier, and has also figured out that if he responds in kind, he doesn't have to go back to Scranton and face Pam as a single man. Dick move, Halpert, for everyone involved. Karen smiles a smile that shows off the bright shiny fishhook Jim just stuck in there as he walks out of the office, playing out the line. And then she almost giddily THs that she's glad Jim said that. "I mean, I don't think he's into me or anything, but I'm kind of into him. So there you go." Aw, poor Karen.

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