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Branch Closing

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Branch Closing

Back on Wallace's front steps, Michael has decided to give up on Operation CFO Stakeout, and sends Dwight to get the car. He starts berating himself for letting everyone down. "Nobody likes me any more," he weeps pathetically to the stars. But Dwight, checking his voice mail, relays the now-old news that Stamford is closing and they're staying open. They jubilantly congratulate themselves on their glorious success, sharing a hug and a high-five and a whole series of chest bumps. After the initial moment of joy wears off, it occurs to them with surprising rapidity to wonder how they pulled it off. By not being involved, is how.

Toby gets ready to go, philosophically talking about how he considered moving to Costa Rica and learning to surf after the branch closed. "But Costa Rica will still be there," he says. "When I'm sixty-five." If there were a font to make his last few words look like dreary gray rain clouds, I would have used it.

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