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Branch Wars

After commercials, we're still watching the Jim/Karen reunion of awkwardness. She asks what he's doing there. Jim tries to be smooth, claiming that Michael sometimes sends him out to check on other branches. At this point, the radio crackles with Michael ordering Jim not to tell Karen about the industrial copier. Jim: "Copy that." No pun intended...probably. Karen interviews that she cried over Jim for weeks, so seeing him emerge from a PT Cruiser, wearing a woman's warehouse uniform, was a great moment for her. Well, for real. Just the PT Cruiser would have been humiliation enough.

Karen's assembled the Scranton Three in her office. She asks whether they accomplished what they set out to do, and Dwight says that if she doesn't give up on Stanley, they're going to "burn Utica to the ground." Michael admits that things could have gone better in this little caper, but that at least they care enough about their employees to go to these lengths to keep them. Unfortunately, he then adds that if she harms a head on Stanley's head, they'll "burn Utica to the ground." Evidently Karen has plenty of patterns for making dresses out of curtains in case of just such an emergency, so she is undaunted, and Michael and Dwight slink off. Karen asks Jim to stay for a second, and when they're alone, she asks, "So you're still doing this kid of stuff, huh?" Jim says that he's trying to quit. Karen cockily says that if Jim wanted to see her, he could have just called her, like an adult, and Jim too-quickly says he didn't want to see her. Off her bemused look, he amends that to say that he's happy to see her, now that he is, but that he came for the copier. She doesn't say anything, so Jim unwisely fills the silence by saying that he and Pam are still together, and that things are going well, so he didn't...want to see Karen. This kicks Karen into a bitter, sarcastic rant about how glad she is that Jim and Pam are doing so well, and how much she'd like to hear more about their great relationship, until Jim gets up and pleads traffic as the reason he has to get out of there before Karen sticks a piece of sidewalk chalk in his eye.

Scranton branch. Dwight, Jim, and Michael shuffle in, the last saying, "We tried and we failed. Stanley, you may go." He puts a box on Stanley's desk for him to pack his things, though he doesn't think it will be big enough to contain all of Stanley's memories of the office. On his way back to his office, Michael tearfully tells Pam he needs her to help him write a want ad. I can't believe he's giving up so easily on Ben Nugent.

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