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It's 4:30 in the morning, and Michael uses some packaging tape to stick a sign on the door of a shabby delivery van. "I'm just a 44-year-old with a paper route." Are we sure he's ready for that kind of responsibility? He goes to pick up Ryan, and does that obnoxious thing where he keeps pretending to pull away every time Ryan reaches for the door. Ryan THs about the 5:00 a.m. deliveries. "Ever since I've gotten clean there's something about fresh, morning air that really makes me sick." At Jim and Pam's, when Pam comes out the front door with a goodbye kiss from Jim, Michael yells out, "Whoa, Halpert! Boner patrol!" I think it's just his PJs.

But where did the van come from? Pam says it was from a used car lot. "We think it says 'Hallelujah Church of Scranton' in Korean. It was either this or an old school bus with an owl living in it." It's already light out when Pam asks for coffee. "Milk and sugar," Michael says, handing back a giant cup. Yes, that's all that's in there. No coffee. Pam spits it out. Michael drinks it every morning, apparently. At the client's, Michael schmoozes the client while Pam and Ryan stack the boxes in the parking lot. And try to chase away a very confused Korean woman.


Charles comes out into the bullpen, upset about all the clients they've been losing to Michael Scott Paper Company. Andy unwisely pipes up that he's been there the shortest. "I just think the bar should be lower for a newbie?" Charles is not impressed. "But I think it's important that you know it," Andy points out. In a TH, Charles painfully admits, "Maybe it's my fault." "It's not your fault," Dwight snaps from his old position, leaning against the file cabinet. He's just beginning to explain about a memo he wrote asking for ideas for saving money when Angela pops in to say she's cracking down on expense reports. "Waste not, want not," she says. "Well said, Angela," Charles manages. "Been there, done that," Dwight murmurs once she's gone.

A very tired Michael Scott Paper Company is considering options. Ryan pushes for a delivery guy, but Michael likes the idea of sleeping lofts over the desks.

David Wallace tries to quietly enter the branch, but of course Dwight leaps to attention, loudly saying his name. Charles comes out of the conference room in a hurry to greet Wallace and suck up. This doesn't escape Jim. Indeed, he does the longest kissing-head clip ever. Charles starts to usher Wallace into the conference room, but first Wallace want to address everyone about how he thinks the problems presented by the MSPCo are temporary. It's Phyllis who says, "Maybe, and I don't know, if you'd just returned Michael's call, none of us would have lost clients." Wallace admits that might be true, but they're on it. He starts to call Jim in to the conference room, but Charles quietly makes his case for Dwight, so both get invited to the meeting. "Come along, afterthought," Dwight tells Jim.

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