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The conference call begins, and the corporate rep says Holly's report had a lot about an inappropriate sexual relationship. Michael tries to deploy the "immunity" excuse. The rep concludes that the situation warrants no action, especially since it resulted in discount supplies. ["These are troubled financial times after all. Meredith just had some foresight and initiative." -- Angel] Holly sticks to her guns. Then the HR rep hands her ass to her on a platter as Michael impotently watches. The rep barks that Holly's only job was to get signatures that proved the employees completed the seminar and that not doing so will warrant action. She agrees to do as told. Click. Dial tone.

Later, Michael THs about the ways in which he might tell a demoralized Holly "I told you so." He could give her a rose, make a funny joke, or just drop the whole thing. It's an earnest moment as that last option hangs in the air, and you feel Steve Carell come through a bit. Then you remember you're watching Michael Scott, and Michael evermore chooses the option we all know he will, yet hope he won't: joke.

Outside, Holly tries to corral the troops to finish the ethics seminar. They challenge her and claim she's setting a trap. Michael takes up for her, threatening to kill them all. Stanley points out that it's 15 minutes 'til quittin' time. So Michael goes into crazy boss mode and screeches that, if they don't all go along with this, he's going to lose it. Slowly and uneasily, they all stand and lumber into the conference room. Holly marvels at Michael's authority. And we wrap with Holly examining the distinction between sick days and personal days.

And for tonight's super-awesome bonus tidbit, we see the secondary DMers feast on Outback steaks, thanks to Meredith. She runs out to her minivan for extra steak sauce, and Andy, too, wonders how steak gift certificates factored into Meredith being a paper hooker. Kevin supposes it was tip but thinks she would have been better off taking cash-money. Phyllis doesn't care what she did as long as they keep gettin' them juicy steaks. Stanley concurs, and they high five. And thus we have consensus building -- a critical function in any office environment.

Is Meredith a slut or really business savvy? Discuss with other fans in our forums. And then find out what Michael really thinks of his staff.

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