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Creed and Dwight get ready to make their move on the bat. Kelly is yelling at Creed not to hurt it, but as soon as Dwight kicks the conference room door in and the bat is buzzing Kelly's bob, she's screaming, "Kill it! Kill it!" The bat peels off into the kitchen, and Kevin shuts the door behind it without thinking, trapping it again. " a hero!" Kevin realizes. Yes, between this and his blow-out earlier, he's practically Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

Michael's pissed, spouting angrily at the class about their ivory tower. "And your ebony tower," he adds, gesturing to Ryan's African-American professor. He's not interested in the class's pessimistic views of Dunder Mifflin's future. "Ryan has never made a sale," he adds. "And he started a fire, trying to make a cheesy pita. And everybody thinks he's a tease. Well, you know what? He doesn't know anything, and neither do you. So suck on that!" he bellows, storming out. Should be an awkward drive back to the office.

It's the show at Pam's art school. People mill about, excitedly discussing the art on the walls. But not Pam's, as she stands there alone next to six fairly pedestrian watercolors, looking a bit desperate in her "artist" clothes. She should really be wearing a beret if she's going to insist on the turtleneck.

Michael pouts in Ryan's car on the way back to the office. Ryan says it wasn't personal. "Business is always personal," Michael snaps at Ryan's passenger window. "It's the most personal thing in the world. When we get back to the office, pack your things." Looks like it's time for Ryan to test that five-second trick he was bragging about last season.

Everyone's leaving the office, with the bat still trapped in the kitchen, and with Meredith trapped in the women's room. "Goodnight, Mary Beth!" Creed calls to her.

Dwight straightens up from the water cooler to find Jim RIGHT BEHIND him, staring at Dwight's neck. Jim says he plans to go home and draw the shades against the sun. Pulling his collar high around his neck, he floats out, saying, "Bye, Dwight." Dwight returns the sentiment, adding, "Good luck," as he reveals that he's holding a broom whose handle has been cut off and sharpened into a deadly point. It would almost serve Jim right if he finally pulled a prank on Dwight that ended up with Dwight killing him. From the window, Dwight watches Jim go to his car with his coat over his head against the sun and soliloquizes about the journey ahead of Jim. "But I have a destiny in this realm," he vows, pulling on a paintball helmet. "Specifically, the kitchen."

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