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Michael is summarily dismissed from Concierge Marie's room. At least she puts his shoes out in the hallway so he doesn't have to do the walk of shame barefoot.

Back at the office, everyone in the bullpen is staring seriously at Jim. "How does everybody know already?" he asks. Dwight's the only one who didn't know Pam failed art school, although he's not surprised, as he's been taking apart her painting of the building. Everyone else futilely tries to shush him. Jim gets up for some coffee instead of engaging. Hey, what happened to Jim? Dwight should be lying scattered in tiny little pieces at his feet by now, each of them only vaguely aware of what Jim just did to it.

The next morning, Andy meets up with Oscar in the lobby, and they agree that they had fun together last night. "Thanks for trying to hook me up," Oscar says sincerely. "That's what I do," Andy says modestly. "You get the whole nine nards." Oscar chuckles, in part because he can't believe they actually called Angela. Andy is horrified to realize that last night's call was real and not something he dreamed. He's still watching his world crash around himself when Michael joins them. "Slept like a baby," he says. Well, maybe that's why Concierge Marie kicked him out. Ever see a baby sleep? It's very thrashy.

In the break room back at the office, Ryan makes out with Kelly some more and manipulates her into breaking up with Darryl via a text message that he's already written for her. If she doesn't? No more push-ups. "We'll press send together," Ryan says, and they do. Darryl almost instantly responds with a text that "it's cool," which completely wrecks this whole thing for Ryan. And Darryl struts out of the building to his truck.

At the client's office, Michael makes his presentation, but he's clearly off his game, getting stuck at the point of the pitch where he says that DM clients appreciate being "treated like human beings." Hmm.

At the airport gate, Andy reports to Oscar that Angela's pissed enough to demote him to first base. "I get to kiss her forehead." The two of them bond some more. "Wingmen for life," Andy says. "WMFL." Oscar doesn't want a chest pump or a bro-hug, but offers a handshake. "Back to basics," Andy says appreciatively. Andy THs about going to Canada "to get to know a guy who sits twenty feet away from me. And he's delightful!"

As they're boarding, Michael's on his cell phone with David Wallace, who is happy to hear that Michael made the sale. Totally misreading Michael's tone, he says it sounds like it was a good trip. To which Michael takes lengthy and specific exception, complaining about everything from the airport shuttle to the letdown of business class to the hotel. "And thanks for the tip on the concierge, that was great..." David wants to try to talk Michael down, but Michael isn't hearing it. Everyone else has passed him to get on the plane by now (except the camera crew, of course) as he says, "No, David, you listen to me. Why did you send her away? That...God! You knew I liked her and you just...sent her away. And that...that was a sucky thing to do, man. That was a really sucky thing to do." And then he stone-cold hangs up on his boss.

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