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Back in business class on the way home, Michael does a VO about why he's stayed at Dunder Mifflin so long, even when he could get paid so much more as a doctor or professional athlete: it's about respect. "A boss that will not fire you even though you tell him off to his face, right over the phone? That's respect." Wow. As much as he might miss Holly, he can still miss the point even more.

Kevin congratulates Jim on making it through day one. And then Jim comes out of the building to see Pam waiting for him in the parking lot. "I'm coming back the wrong way," she announces. She insists that she realized she doesn't even like graphic design, and she missed Scranton, but it's not about Jim. Could they possibly be happier to see each other? "I know you said to come home the right way, but, you can't tell me what to do, got it?" she says sweetly. They kiss. But not for too long, because of course Dwight appears at Jim's elbow, asking Pam for some photocopies. "I'm not going inside," she says. "All right," Dwight relents. "First thing in the morning, then." Coming from him, that's almost like a hug.

In the tag, Kelly and Ryan do a joint TH, talking about how they're back together. One of them is really excited about it, too. "I realized that for whatever reason, I just can't do better than Kelly," Ryan says. Just in case it's not clear, he's not the one who's excited.

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