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Casino Night

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Casino Night

(As much as it upsets my heart and disturbs my biorhythms, I kind of love it, because the reason Michael hates Toby is that authority always calls your bluff, and the fact that it can back this up is what keeps authority strong. So to have Toby, the voice of corporate authority in the office, literally call Michael's literal bluff...I mean, that's like finding out that vampires actually do live in the creepy house down the street. Brilliant.)

Toby, as Oscar and Meredith congratulate him on his winnings: "I don't really play cards, but...I'm not gonna lie to you. It felt really good to take money from Michael. Gonna chase that feeling." Something else that's true about authority.

Dwight, who's playing at a table with Phyllis and Jim: "I expect to do very well tonight. I have an acute ability to read people. Jim, for instance, has a huge tell. When he gets a good hand, he coughs." Jim coughs, at the table, and raises. Dwight sighs incredibly dramatically, and folds.

Jim, with a face the cuteness of which is not for describing on paper, but with a weird, smug little act-out on the shot that I don't like: "It's the weirdest thing. Every time I cough, he folds."

Carol walks up to Michael, all, "Sucks that Toby called your bluff as usual," and Michael tosses it off, half-addressing the camera: "You know what? If luck weren't involved, I would always be winning." And before you can say, "Who is Phil Hellmuth, why does he look like that, and why does he act so much like Michael Scott, who is a fictional dillweed," -- which is, admittedly, a mouthful -- Lady Fortune strikes again. Jan enters Casino Night! Threat Level Midnight!

Michael goes into meltdown and prayer. Jan advances, looking like a million bucks, and Michael starts spewing incomprehensibles immediately: "Look, okay, I think we're all adults here, and it has always been my understanding that we have an open relationship..." Jan's plausible deniability is like this expensive perfume from France that she wears at all times: "What are...wait. What are you talking about?" Carol's similarly confused by Michael's crazy talk. He tries again: "After you said you weren't coming, I invited Carol to come, and I don't think that I did anything wrong." Jan shakes her head, still kind of "confused," and shakes Carol's hand. "No. No, you didn't. Hi, I'm Jan? I'm Michael's boss." She offers to grab Carol and Michael drinks, and heads to the bar. As Michael stammers at Carol's quizzical look, Dwight runs up and kisses him on both cheeks again. (If only Ryan counted this week, Michael would have like four dates, at least!) "Jan's here," Dwight "whispers," and Carol just continues to stare.

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