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Casino Night

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Casino Night

Outside, Jan leans back against a car, smoking a cigarette. I mean, seriously. When the joke's on you, and it happens on-camera, and Dwight is in on the joke? You get to smoke. It's in the union rules. Jim joins her; she offers him a cigarette. I love her because she honestly sees what Jim, and Pam, are capable of. Way better than they do. For that alone, you could love her. Jim leans on the car next to her and asks if she's having "fun." She answers sarcastically -- "Fabulous time" -- and then gets real. "I drove...two and a half hours to get here." Jim starts into some speech about how great they all think it is to have her there, and she continues on her monologue. "...Left work early, drove down here. And I ... I -- I am completely underdressed." He tells her she looks great, which she does, and she just sighs. Without looking up at him: "Why did I hook up with Michael?" Ooohh, I've had this conversation with a boss before. It's teenage suicide. Don't do it!

Jim smiles at Jan: "Yeah! Why did you?" She still doesn't look up. "It was very late, Jim. Very...very late. And, uh...have you given any more thought to the transfer?" Playtime is over. Not that they've changed subjects. He says he has. She thinks it's a good idea, clearly. "Have you told anyone? You should." Agreed.

Inside, Angela notices Creed stealing poker chips. (If she's judgmental about it, I can't tell, because the judgmental that she always already is approaches infinity.) A few minutes later Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration -- with Phyllis at his side, looking lovely with a flower in her hair -- announces that the "big moment" has arrived. "The evening's chip leader, and winner of this beautiful mini-refrigerator, courtesy of Vance Refrigeration ... Creed Bratton, Dunder-Mifflin." Creed makes his way to the front, shaking chips from his cuffs as he goes. He shakes Bob's hand and grabs the fridge. "Thanks. I never owned a refrigerator." Bob Vance, confused and a little worried, begins the applause.

Pam stands by Roy's truck window as he apologizes to her. "I am just beat," he sighs. She tells him it's okay, she'll meet him at home, and they joke around a bit about her losing money, "...In case you still want a honeymoon." Dude, Roy could say, like, "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I would lay down my life for you," and I would still somehow hear it like a horrible assault on all that is good and right. Pam laughs, he starts the truck up, and he calls out to Jim -- who's walking past the other window, which is to say that Roy is, onscreen, directly between Pam and Jim -- to keep an eye on her. They say a friendly goodbye, Pam smiles after.

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