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Casino Night

Essay 5. Concluding Your Sample (Multiple Channels of Language): Each episode of The Office generally ends with a voiceover monologue -- usually delivered by Mr. Michael Scott, Regional Manager -- which redefines, or clarifies, the central thesis of the episode, often through ironic statements or juxtapositions. (See: "Irony," below.)

Jan walks up to Michael and Carol with muscle in her step. "Hey. I'm leaving." He greets her, brightly. The neatest thing about Michael and Jan is how he just completely likes her, even under the misogyny and power stuff, even as he vents his spleen on Toby, he knows enough to know she's awesome. And vice versa. "So," Jan says, which counts as a qualifier when it's her. Weak speech. "...I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic evening. Did the company proud." She laughs, but there's no joy in it. Nothing like her smile that night. Michael thanks her, and in return she thanks him: "You were right, I needed it." Is it really bluffing if the problem is you? Michael, anxious to get her out of his face, trading a sure thing for a scary thing, a Roy for a Jim, thanks her for coming.

"Nice to meet you," Jan says to Carol. "And, guys have a...have a good time together." It's painful. I won't cry for Michael this week because there won't be anything left. "Okay," he smiles. "Talk to you Monday." Yep. Carol says goodbye; Jan leaves. Michael calls her a "good boss." She "seems really nice," according to Carol. And Michael says: "Oh, she's great."

Michael: "Love triangle. Drama. All worked out in the end, though! The hero got the girl. Who saw that coming?" Beat. "I did. And Jan is really happy for me..." Jan walks, less muscle than shiver in it now, to her car. "...So, actually, the hero got two girls. He got the girl that he works with, and he got the girl that he buys real estate from." Jan gets into her car; spots the overnight bag on the passenger seat. My stomach dropped ten feet. "So, I've got my New York girl...and my local flavor." She gives a silent Charlie Brown (AUUGH!) and piledrives the bag into the backseat. "Life is good."

And the parallel's complete, and the story's over: the Roys and Carols win, because the Michaels and Pams suck. But also because the Jans and Jims are weak, and afraid of calling anybody's bluff. So it's like Closer, or Lolita: everybody gets exactly what they want. Which is Hell. See you bitches next season!

Bonus Essay (Creative Expression): Now that the episode has ended, according to the usual formula, feel free to doodle inside this box, taking your inspiration from the following exchange, recorded in the episode "Booze Cruise":

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