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Casino Night

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Casino Night

Michael: "Well, if you like her so much, uh ... don't give up."
Jim: "She's engaged."
Michael: "BFD. Engaged ain't married."
Jim: "Huh."
Michael: "Never, ever, ever give up."

(A: Michael Scott.)

Pam leans against a desk. It's not her desk, at reception. It's a sales desk, next to Dwight's desk, outside Michael's office; it's Jim's desk. She is speaking in a low, quiet voice, almost inaudibly, into Jim's telephone. The room is almost entirely dark, with only a few scattered lamps, lit dim, to scare the night away.

"About ten minutes ago.
"No, I didn't know what to say.
"Yes, I know.
"Um, I don't know, Mom.
"He's my best friend.
"Yeah, he's great."

"...Yeah, I think I am."

Jim enters the office, head down, back straight. Strong, like a man. Pam spots him.

"Um, I have to go." She hangs up the phone, still so quiet, as he walks toward her. "I will."

Pam hangs up the phone and turns to him; he's a little closer than she must have judged. "Listen, Jim..."

And puts his arms around her, and his lips on hers. And she brings her arms up, startled, and she leans in, and puts her hands around his head, his face. And she kisses him back. And when she pulls away, he kisses her, just a bit more. And she steps back, and he steps back. And they look.

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