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After the ads, Michael THs in his office, "No matter how I look at this, I am in the wrong." How long was that commercial, anyway? Later, Michael quietly tells Dwight to arrange a meeting with the non-Pam and Ryan salespeople. Dwight sarcastically says, "Gasp, a secret meeting? I don't know the first thing about secret meetings." But then we see Dwight busily preparing a new memo with his "invisible ink," dipping a paintbrush into Ryan's America's Got Talent mug.

New Kelly compliments Kelly's casual outfit: skintight overalls. "You look like J. Lo." Aw, a Kelly alliance.

Down in the warehouse, in an alcove of paper boxes, Michael apologizes to Dwight, Phyllis, Stanley, and Andy, and wants to move right on to his peace offering of white chocolate bark (which, as they point out, only he likes), but they just want their clients back. Michael doesn't want to do that to Ryan and Pam, but they don't care. Even when he rescinds his apology in exchange for their clients. Just then the wall of paper boxes behind Michael is lifted away by forklift, revealing a dead-eyed Darryl glaring at him. "What'd I tell you about building forts in my warehouse?" he asks. Hee!

Ryan and Pam do a joint TH in which they explain that there aren't enough clients for Michael to keep them both. "I think you should get it," Ryan tells Pam. "You really grew into it." Pam returns the compliment. "If you really think that, would you tell that to Michael?" he asks. She's even more trout-like than Phyllis accused her of being, because she just got fished in.

Creed and Jim have moved on to Scrabble, and Creed suddenly says he wants to set Jim up with his daughter. "I'm engaged to Pam," Jim calmly reminds him. Creed thought he was gay. "Then why would you want to set me up with your daughter?" Jim wonders, reasonably enough. Creed? Doesn't know. Okay, then. Michael comes in, wanting to talk to Jim, and when Jim asks to finish the turn first, Michael clears Jim's rack, laying out the word NOSCRUB on the board, touching nothing . "Challenge," Creed says. Yeah, you can't let a bingo like that slide.

Outside, Michael's asking Jim which of the two salesmen from his old company he should pick. "I don't want to be biased, but I am very close to Ryan," Jim says. When Jim refuses to say anything bad about Pam, Michael says that costs Jim all his credibility, so he'll go with his gut, which means Ryan. Uh, I don't think that's his gut talking. So Jim admits that Pam can be "a bit shrill" when she's tired. Michael blows that up into a whole thing until Jim gets up and leaves.

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