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Together Again

Michael THs about what a difficult decision this is, like choosing between renting The Devil Wears Prada again and Sophie's Choice. The parallel, naturally, escapes him.

Toby is in a shouting match with Andy about clothes, except Toby's not shouting. So Dwight steps up and says he's "cowboying" the meeting. "Earth tones only! Also, women are forbidden to wear pants." Toby steps back up and announces, "Casual Fridays are canceled." Everyone starts yelling at him. Maybe someone is discovering a passion for HR after all.

Michael calls Pam into his office. "There is no easy way of saying this, so I will just drag it out. Since the dawn of time..." Pam gets him to just say that he gave Ryan the sales job. She gets up to leave, upset, but he starts laughing. He was just messing with her. As he enjoys his moment way too much, he says he offered Ryan his old temp job back, although Ryan wasn't happy when Michael did the reverse to him. Pam suggests not fake-firing people any more, so Michael fires her. Fakely. Which makes three times he's fake-fired her, counting the pilot. And then he has her send New Kelly in. No, I'm not going to call her Erin.

And in the tag, Michael fake-fires New Kelly, telling her no one likes her. He even pretends to call Hank to escort her out. She takes it pretty well, considering, and even laughs along with Michael when he tells her the truth. "Do they not like me, though?" she wonders. Michael doesn't know and doesn't care. Yeah, New Kelly, quit making this about you.

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