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Mission Abandoned

Jim leaves Cece with Pam's Meemaw for a minute so he can get more chairs, but not without getting a guilt trip in exchange.

Outside, Michael joins the crowd seeing off the youth mission. He shakes their hands, wishes them luck, and... gets on the bus. Oh, Michael.

During the ads, everyone has noticed Michael sitting on the bus, because he's next to an open window, and starts trying to talk him out of it. Except Darryl, who says of his decision, "I agree. I think it's superb." Phyllis asks what she's supposed to tell her clients, and he tells her to spin a whole story about his dying and becoming an angel, unless it's a bigger corporate account, in which case he's in a meeting. But he's not totally detached, because he still won't let Dwight give someone a 15% discount. Erin says it's so cool, and wishes she had a job she could just leave. Andy, who can't just stand there watching Erin be impressed by someone else, calls out, "Save me an aisle seat, Michael, I'm coming!"

As the bus heads down the road, the chick who gave the speech earlier tells Michael and Andy how awesome they are for joining in. Andy announces that he'll need to borrow a few things: "A contact lens case, some sunscreen, some sandals..."

Toby's finally inside the otherwise empty church, and stands in front of the stained-glass window to pull a Bartlet. Remember that amazing tirade in "Two Cathedrals?" Here comes Toby's version: "Why you always gotta be so mean to me?" he asks. Okay, that had less Latin.

Jim returns to Meemaw, but Cece's gone. Jim looks flummoxed, but in the distant background we can see Pam's mom holding her. Which is not really funny, but then neither is a missing child.

Michael's having second thoughts, and he and Andy still aren't clear on what they're going to do when they get to Mexico. Just about everyone's asleep by now, so Michael is realizing that there aren't as many people on the bus as he thought, and the second thoughts are multiplying. Or exponenting. They're now sixty-fourth thoughts.

Jim's searching for Cece, and some random dude says he saw her with a small blonde woman. Jim hollers out an Amber Alert upon seeing Angela: "Stop that tiny blonde woman, she stole my baby!" Kevin tackles her, knocking the platter of subs out of the arriving Pam's hands. Up walks Helene with the baby, and Jim waves, "Travel safe, Angela." Of course Angela isn't going anywhere without asking Jim if he thought she stole their baby. Jim tries to play it cool. "Oh, yeah, back then I did, just now. So don't, because I've got my eye on you." Even Jim isn't going to save this one, but lucky for him, Kevin does; he's just found a giant stash of scones in Angela's purse. "What kind of person steals scones from a baby?" Pam quietly asks Jim, "Did you lose Cece?" "A little but, I did," Jim admits. What I want to know is who replaced The Office with Yes, Dear.

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