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Mission Abandoned

On the bus, Andy tries to talk the driver into stopping, and when that doesn't work, Michael threatens to stop it himself. He grabs the cable like he thinks he's on a train. "Stopping in Tennessee," the driver says. The kids start noticing that something's up, and Michael and Andy are in full-on panic mode, begging to be let out. They start a "stop the bus" chant until they're let off. Along with another kid who jumps off behind them. " "Don't...say anything to my parents," the kid says.

Erin pulls up in Michael's car and urgently tells them, "Get in, quick!" "Why quick?" Michael asks. "So it's faster," she answers. Once they're all in the car, Erin asks if they want to go home or back to the church. Michael asks if anyone's still there, but she says they all went to a movie in Meredith's minivan. You'd think he'd be crushed that everyone's hanging out like he wanted, only without him, but all he says is, "It is so nice to be back in a country that has movies." "Can I come?" the kid asks. In the awkward silence, Erin turns on the radio to "Lake Wobble-gone," and the episode ends with the actual voice of Garrison Keillor going on about Lutherans and banana bread. Wow, that was weird. Especially for me.

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