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Christmas Party

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Christmas Party

It's snowing outside when Kelly opens the poster Toby bought for Angela. "Yikes," she says frankly. "That's like the creepiest thing that I've ever seen." Angela claims the poster when her turn comes next, which leaves Kelly eligible to steal the iPod from its current owner, Oscar. Michael gloats to us about what a huge hit his gift is. "It is almost a Christmas miracle." What is, that he hasn't been shot in the face yet? Oscar takes the teapot from Meredith, and Pam is starting to look like she regrets giving that up. Meredith tries to claim the iPod, but it's off-limits since it's already been stolen this round. So Michael starts talking up his oven mitt. Meredith takes pity on Phyllis and claims it, and Michael crows about what a sucker Meredith is for buying his pitch. He also THs to us about reverse psychology: "Basically, you make someone think the opposite of what you believe and that tricks them into doing something stupid." Is that why I'm seized by the urge to dine at Chili's every time I watch this show?

Dwight watches excitedly as Michael opens a bag of paintball ammo that comes with paintball lessons from Dwight. Which, for Dwight, is really quite thoughtful. Not only has he transcended the $20 limit by giving something of himself (much as Jim attempted to do for Pam), but it's probably also the most awesome thing Dwight could ever think of, dollar limit or no. And now he gets to spend some quality off-site time with Michael, which just made this Dwight's Best Christmas Ever. Naturally, Michael doesn't see it that way. "How is that better than an iPod?" he demands angrily. Stung, Dwight says that he never claimed any such thing, which is such a reasonable point that it sounds weird coming from Dwight. Michael takes Dwight's elf-ears and throws them in his face. Ouch. But Dwight salvages his dignity in a TH in which he claims that counting the lessons, his gift is easily worth two grand. "Take that, Saddam!" he spits during target practice in the parking lot.

Kevin takes a footbath from Pam, and THs, "That's the thing I bought myself. I'm really psyched to use it." Too late, he wonders if he should have taken the iPod. Now it's Pam's turn to take the iPod, which Jim asks if she's sure she wants to do, with the teapot up for grabs and everything. "I mean, it's an iPod," Pam apologizes, and Jim lets it go. Kelly claims a book of short stories from Dwight (which, no, unless it's a bound volume of a year's worth of InTouch Weekly), and now Dwight takes the teapot from Oscar. Jim: "You've gotta be kidding me."

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