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Christmas Party

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Christmas Party

Now that it's over, Phyllis leaves the room, upset. I'm surprised she lasted this long. Everyone starts piling on Michael for acting like a four-year-old and expecting something in return that compares to a $400 iPod. He defensively says, "I got a big bonus because I fired Devon and I used the money to buy something awesome. Sue me!" So now on top of everything else, everyone's pissed at Michael for getting a $3,000 bonus. I think it's safe to assume that they did not. Michael THs bitterly, "Happy birthday, Jesus. Sorry your party's so lame." And then he's at the liquor store, buying fifteen bottles of vodka. "That should do it," the cashier says. Even if Michael keeps one of the bottles aside to set himself alight?

The party's underway back at the office. Kevin takes his life in his hands, turning up the stereo on his desk while standing in his new foot bath. Fortunately he does not die. Angela never would have forgiven him for that. Jim is trying to trade or buy Pam's teapot back from Dwight, but Dwight refuses, even though he's not a tea-drinker. He plans to use it as a neti pot, and demonstrates how well the spout will fit up his nose. "It's a little too much to handle," Jim THs afterwards, as close to violence as we've ever seen him. It's actually quite hot.

Pam is showing off her new iPod to Roy, who has now decided that he'll just get her "a sweater or something." Michael returns with the booze. Toby gives a typically weak protest, and is typically overridden. Meredith is the first to belly up to the bar. She THs that this is her last hurrah, as she made a New Year's resolution that she won't drink any more. "During the week," she clarifies.

Phyllis brings her boyfriend, Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, to meet Kevin, Stanley, and Ryan. He shakes each of their hands in turn, introducing himself as "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration" each time. "What line of work you in, Bob?" Ryan deadpans Consider the ice broken.

While listening to Roy and Darryl talk fantasy football, Pam's regrets about swapping the teapot seem to hit her hard. Hey, it's a start.

Things are picking up, as people do shots off the reception desk and Michael gives Ryan props for being "King of the party committee," prompting Angela to bestow one of her brain-melting glares upon them both. Jim visits Pam at the reception desk, and learns that she traded with Dwight to get the teapot back. Pleased, Jim happily tells her to check out what's inside, and while she's laughing over the yearbook picture ("Yeah, I think I made the right choice," she THs happily -- again, it's a start), Jim snakes the card back. Whew, that was close. And yet it pleases me that not only does Roy have to shell out for an iPod now, it's still not going to be able to touch Jim's gift.

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