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Christmas Party

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Christmas Party

Dwight is thanking Michael for the iPod when who should show up but an already incredibly drunk Packer, sporting a sprig of mistletoe sticking out over his belt. Where's my hedge trimmer? The party continues to get more raucous, as Michael magnanimously presents Darryl with the Santa hat, then wrecks the moment by attempting a soul hug. Dinkin' flicka, Michael. Kevin pastes up photocopies of his butt, Michael appears with a lampshade on his head, and Jim Silly-Strings the scalp of a passed-out Packer. Kelly catches up to Dwight in the break room and gives him a peck on the lips, causing him to freak out, and Angela to glare some more. She should have paced those glares a little better early on. Oh, wait, she's gone outside to smash ornaments by the dumpster. Never mind. Those are the nice ones, too.

The party breaks up, and people are heading to Poor Richard's for the after party. Even Michael gets invited along, because Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration doesn't know any better. As Michael blathers about the meaning of Christmas while he packs up his office and the rest of the staff has a snowball fight outside, a soused Meredith presents herself in Michael's office and sheds her sweater and shirt. When Michael turns around and beholds the spectacle awaiting him, he sucks in a huge breath that he clearly expects to be his last. But when gazing upon his employee's pendulous mommy-bags fails to turn him to stone, he flashes his digital camera at them and heads out like nothing happened. Every once in a while he does exactly the right thing. Because you can't spell "stopped clock" without "Scott," sort of.

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