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Holly Jolly Christmas

Another day, there's real snow on the ground, a snowman in the parking lot, and a whole new set of white decorations all over the office. And Michael's decided to dress as "Santa Bond" (red velvet smoking jacket, black shirt, and Kangol Santa hat), while Angela hems his tuxedo pants. She muses about inviting her boyfriend the senator, and Michael tweaks her for his not being able to fix parking tickets. Never a good idea to tease a lady with a handful of pins.

Pam talks about how awesome Jim's homemade gifts for her always are, so this year she did something special: a comic book. She holds up The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert which shows Jim standing casually in front of a giant snarling bear. Pam explains how the character of Jimmy Halpert is bitten by a radioactive bear and becomes "Bear-Man. It's really good!" I'm sure Jim will think so.

Jim returns to his desk to find a post-it on his monitor: "IT IS TIME PARKING LOT AT NOON." He hands the note back to Dwight, who burns it.

Michael is standing around nervously and suddenly notices the fake tree, which simply won't do for Holly's arrival. "Somebody from New Hampshire looks at that and thinks it's a burning cross." He gives Pam cash to go get a real one right now, just as a jazz bassist shows up. "There's nothing classier than boring jazz music," Michael explains to us, saying that it was a better deal to hire one musician for the whole day than a quartet for an hour. But listening to him tune up, he starts to look a little nervous.

Pam asks for volunteers to accompany her on the tree run. Kevin's afraid to get dirty, because there might be girls at the party, even though there never are. Andy's "'brid" (his hybrid) won't accommodate a tree, "which is ironic considering how many trees it saves every day." However, he's got a hookup to a guy with a pickup. Yeah, that would be Darryl. Pam decides to ask him, but Andy still wants to go along. You know, as the hookup guy.

Darryl has just gotten the news that this daughter is bailing on him for Christmas in favor of "family." "I don't know, I thought I was enough family for my daughter," he tells us. Awww. He's still in this mood when Andy and Pam come in to ask to borrow his truck. He initially shoots them down, but then agrees to join them for the fresh air.

Toby shows up, to Michael's great distress, but he just came for the party while the jury's in recess. He's a temporary celebrity here, although he keeps coyly saying he can't talk about it or he'll get removed. "And then he will come back here and replace Holly, so stop asking him questions," Michael moans. Toby knows what's going on, but figures this is a good way to get people talking to him. For such a sad-looking guy, he's really an eternal optimist.

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