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Roy's doing the Reception Lean, as Pam tells him that since Michael left early, they're all going to Poor Richard's that evening. Roy doesn't want to, since he and his brother plan to get hammered that night. Something about jet skis. Pam points out that they're going to a bar after all, and when Roy continues to be reticent, she lays down the law: If he's going to be her boyfriend, he's going to do boyfriend things. Roy agrees; to his credit, his smile indicates that he's actually kind of impressed. So it sounds like she's working on that honesty and courage" thing, as she THs. "Look out, world, old Pammy's getting what she wants. And don't call me Pammy!" Well, yes, everyone knows it's spelled with one "m" and an "ie."

Michael and Dwight arrive at Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace's house, only to find caterers and waiters walking around in snazzy red shirts and ties. As always, Dwight nails it for Michael: "You're dressed exactly like the servants." Michael pulls Dwight behind a catering van and makes him swap shirts. "That would have been really embarrassing," grins Dwight, standing all shirtless and doughy and pasty in the bright sun outside his boss's boss's boss's house.

The gang -- Angela, Oscar, Pam, Stanley, and Toby -- enter Poor Richard's. A duck in the coin-operated crane machine catches Pam's eye, and Toby silently resolves to win it for her. And maybe win something else while he's at it.

Michael knocks on Wallace's door, and Mrs. Wallace answers, wearing a robe and her hair up in a towel. Michael THs that only really good friends show up really early, so of course this means he and the Wallaces are really good friends. He's kind of mixing up the cause and effect here. Inside, he presents the hostess with a Tupperware container of potato salad, which she plunks down on the good silver on the buffet table. Michael admits to us that it's been in the car all day, so we might want to be careful. Surprisingly, he doesn't add that it's smart for a guest to poison the other guests so that he's the only one left.

At the Dunder Mifflin table at Poor Richard's, someone brings up the subject of the date for Kevin and Stacey's wedding. It seems they've set one. So when is it? "It's complicated," Kevin says. Seeing all the curious faces, he touchily says, "I would appreciate some space on this." Oh, he gets space, all right. Roy and his brother Kenny show up, there's another mention of the jet ski sub-microplot before they go to get drinks. Toby's still busy with the crane machine. Surprisingly, he's finding it difficult to pick anything up.

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