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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

We next see all four of them -- Angela, Oscar, Michael, and Pam -- standing before the scary-ass poster that Toby got Angela for Christmas. Michael asks them to take turns describing their feelings about the poster. Angela talks about how much she likes it. "Come on, seriously. That?" says Michael as the impartial mediator. Oscar goes off again about how much he hates the poster, and Michael stops him when he gets to "Hard-core porno." He wants to brainstorm creative alternatives that are win-win. "Win," Pam adds. So she is paying attention. Michael decrees that in order to let Angela see it but not Oscar, they will make the poster into a t-shirt that Oscar wears. Win-win-win!

Creed sits for his ID photo. After the snap, Creed turns to the side in a practiced motion. He is nothing if not a pro.

Pam delivers an STD to Angela, who's glad to receive one, for about five seconds. "It's not my taste," she tells us.

Toby seems surprised to hear that Michael resolved the conflict, and pulls a full manila folder out of his desk to throw away one of the sheets inside. Seeing the stack of paper in there, Michael wants a gander at it. Toby refuses. "Now you and I have a conflict," Michael says. And it ends with Michael physically wrenching the folder from Toby's possession. "Had to use win-lose on that. It was not pretty," Michael admits to us. He asks Toby if that's everything. For some reason, Toby sighs, pulls a big storage box out from under his desk, and tells Michael, "It's all Dwight's."

Toby THs that he's got a standing appointment with Dwight every Friday at 4:00 so he can file grievances against Jim, which Toby then sends to a special file in New York. "That box is the special file in New York," Toby confesses to us. Another reason it sucks to be Toby: never getting to sneak out early for the weekend, because you just know Dwight takes a whole hour. Michael takes the folder and the Dwight box out past the break room door, where we see Oscar posing for his ID photo with the baby musicians poster draped over his front like a giant bib. He's going to get shot if he leaves the building looking like that, and not by another camera.

Michael and Pam are in the conference room, going through some seriously petty complaints between other people in the office. "You will notice that not one of these complaints is against me," Michael smugs.

Toby corrects that impression, showing us the fat accordion file that represents complaints against Michael for that year's first quarter alone. But it's not as bad as it could be; it's not like the folder is full of CD-ROMs.

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