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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Michael comes out into the bullpen and asks who has filed a complaint. Almost everyone raises their hands. He follows up by asking if their complaints were resolved, or just listened to and forgotten. "Listened to and forgotten," everyone murmurs. So Michael has decided to resolve everything. He wants to start with Phyllis vs. Angela. "You already did me," Angela says. Jim lip-syncs Michael's "That's what she said." Michael pages through the file, pointing out that Angela has complained about everyone except Dwight, which makes her the only one. Before she and Dwight can get too uncomfortable, Michael asks Toby to define "redacted." The reason he asks is that there are a bunch of complaints against Dwight that were redacted six months ago. Dwight loudly wonders why anyone would do that. Spotting Angela's uncomfortable reaction, Pam comes to her rescue for some reason, stepping up and changing the subject to complaints against herself. There's only one in there, but it's withdrawn, so Michael wants to move on. But Pam can't let go of the idea that someone might have ever thought she's anything less than perfect, so she makes Michael read it: "Does she have to plan her wedding on office time? Shouldn't she do that at home?" With six months? Even I know that isn't enough time to plan a wedding, and I barely got to mine on time. Pam turns and gives Angela a look of betrayal. Angela just looks back at her like, "What?"

Pam THs that she's kept Angela's secret all this time, gave her a save-the-date card, and now this. "What the hell!" she fumes.

Michael gets to a complaint from Kelly. "'Ryan never returns my calls.' Join the club." Ryan tries to blame his voice mail. Kelly says she wants her complaint withdrawn. Toby agrees, "Fine, I'll take your name off, so no one will know." This last is directed pointedly at Michael, but it goes right over his head. Jim makes a heroic attempt to derail all this nonsense: he raises his hand and says that Dwight tried to kiss him, and he hadn't told anyone because he isn't sure how he felt about it. Dwight demands it be redacted, but Jim says he isn't making a formal complaint. "I just thought we should talk about it." Awesome. Dwight asks Toby something about the file in New York. "Sure," Toby lies. As Michael moves on to Stanley, Pam stands up and hisses at Angela, "Thanks for ratting me out." Angela denies it, but Pam doubts her, since the only one Angela hasn't complained about is "Bobblehead Joe." Meanwhile, Stanley denies filing the complaint that the men's room is whites-only, which it of course isn't. "Then why is there a picture of a white man on the door?" Creed demands. Moving along.

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