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Dressed to Kill (but Enough about Dwight)

Jim announces that Madge from the warehouse just made her first sale, which he thinks is great. The real sales people aren't worried about the drivers cutting into their commissions? Michael decides to do a little grandstanding, having Erin call Darryl on the speakerphone in front of everyone so Michael can coax him out into the bullpen. After still-masked Erin struggles with the speakerphone button for a while, Michael announces to everyone that it was originally Darryl's idea and Michael shot it down. Michael now wants to call Corporate and tell them to give Darryl the credit. Seeing an anti-Corporate vibe starting to form here, Gabe jumps in, saying Darryl took it to him, and Gabe passed it along, "giving Darryl full credit." Gabe calls for a round of applause for Darryl while Michael stands there and seethes. MacGruber!

In his office, sans wig, Michael is bitching about it to Dwight, who isn't exactly talking him down. "We need to strangle Darryl's idea!" he says. That does not count as a Scranton Strangler payoff, by the way.

Andy and Kevin give their regrets to Danny, who's totally cool about it, even though Andy and Kevin aren't. They claim Jim and Pam are behind it, and Danny offers to talk to them about it. "Don't tell them that we said anything to you, okay, or you're dead," Kevin says. Sounds good to Danny.

Kelly walks in wearing a brand-new Katy Perry costume, and Angela tries to get Kelly DQ'ed for changing in the middle of the day. Kelly threatens to sue for discrimination, and when Oscar tries to be the voice of reason he gets shut up quick. Which is what often happens to the voice of reason in this office when it's someone who isn't Jim.

In the kitchen, Dwight is throwing out novelty fridge magnets while Michael stares with paranoia at Gabe and Kevin chatting on the other side of the window, wondering what they're talking about. "Probably about the extremes of the human physique," Dwight guesses, but when Michael witnesses a fist-bump, he bursts out yelling about the chain of command. Kevin is nearly in tears at being caught in the act of suggesting some Lady Gaga moves to Gabe for his runway walk. Michael lets it go, but the damage has been done as far as Kevin is concerned. "Fuck you, Gabe," he sobs.

Danny, Jim and Pam are in Michael's office laughing about the misunderstanding, even when Danny brings up his and Pam's "history," which both of them downplay. Pam says it was two dates, Danny thought it was three, and finally Pam reminds Danny that he never called her back for the third one. "That does not sound like me," Danny laughs. "It was, though, that's what happened," Pam says, looking rather stiff and blinky. Awkward pause, at the end of which Danny says he's just glad things aren't weird. Which, if he can sell that, no wonder he's such a hot-shit salesman.

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