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Dressed to Kill (but Enough about Dwight)

Darryl's not quite so sanguine. He gazes out his office window, admitting to Andy that it was sometimes better in the warehouse. Andy tells a story about walking out of his editor gig at the Cornell student paper ("This was at Cornell," he adds), abandoning his daily op-ed "Bernard's Regards" and exiting Bernard Hall and hearing voices singing. Andy asks Darryl if being the CEO is his a capella group. Darryl's playing it close to the Dracula-vest, but when Andy asks if he's going to Danny's Halloween party, Darryl says he's got work to do. Looks like Darryl's going for the inside track on that office that's going to be empty at the end of the season.

"Who doesn't call a dork like that back?" Jim THs of Danny. And Jim comes back into the office not only going "uck-uck-uck" around his corncob pipe but also wearing his full Popeye costume, which now even includes Cece as Swee'Pea. "My hero," Pam dorks, thrilled at how he's accessorized their child. Sorry, that costume doesn't make him look as whipped as his dogged pursuit of closure for Pam's abortive relationship with Danny did.

Pam reveals the winner of the costume contest: Oscar. There's a smattering of puzzled applause, and we find out who voted for "the rational consumer." Because Kelly couldn't vote for herself, she voted for someone who couldn't beat her; Ryan smugs, "I'm a Nader guy"; and Creed gushes, "Best Edward James Olmos costume I've ever seen."

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, then see the staff's most roastable moments!

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