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Pretty Dwight

Toby is in Michael's office getting yelled at about the forms, which, you recall, Michael filled out himself, Toby is still not giving up, suggesting Michael made a mistake on purpose, which Michael takes issue with. Michael would rather blame it on Gabe, and does a decent little Gabe impression, which Toby chuckles at. And which is enough to get Michael on board for another try. Toby really makes Michael a lot more difficult than he needs to sometimes.

Michael shows Toby the picture he drew of Angela and Dwight, in which she's taller. "I wonder why it feels like that," Toby says wisely. Ryan wraps up the episode up with a few trenchant thoughts (he thinks) on psychiatry and therapy, and then says, "I don't know. Just use the best one." Since they all sucked, we can't really do that.

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