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Hot Michael/Holly Auction

Back in her business duds, Pam talking-heads that she kind of ran out of money in New York, so Michael helped her get a part-time job at Corporate. The downside? "Now Michael knows where to reach me 16 to 18 hours a week." And from the looks of things, he spends every one of those hours singing her name to her over the phone.

Back in Scranton, Michael's wearing an unusually festive tie as he greets Holly when she arrives in the office. They agree that last night was fun, and Michael maybe-jokes that he's thinking of getting his own putt-putt golf clubs. And they plan to see each other again that very night, so dorkily-sweetly that even an eavesdropping Jim can't prevent a little sincerity from creeping into his mocking smile.

Michael THs that the third date is typically the sex date. Does Holly feel that way? "If she starts having sex with me, I'll know for sure." Careful -- you don't want to have sex all the way out on that limb you're on.

Andy is passing out save-the-date cards. Dwight is so dismayed that he and Angela have set a date for their wedding that he doesn't even react to Andy's new nickname for him, "D-Money." The only ones in the bullpen noticing his reaction are Angela...and Phyllis. Later, in the break room, Phyllis finds Dwight whittling himself a knife in the break room and offers to talk about what's bothering him. "You know I know. You know they know," she adds with a significant look at the camera. I assume she's referring to the people here in our parallel universe who are watching this, because most of the people in this office seem to feel pretty free to tell the cameras stuff they'd never tell each other. Dwight, on the other hand, barely spares us a glance. "I know none of that," he insists to Phyllis. "And if I did, you'd be the last to know." Ooh, burn.

In the annex, Michael is sitting on Holly's desk while they discuss plans for that night's date. They seem to be leaning toward the mall food court when Michael abruptly and out of nowhere brings up the possibility of sex afterward. Awkward, awkward pause, while Holly looks taken aback. "Elephant in the room!" Michael bleats, completely misunderstanding the meaning of the phrase. Fortunately for him, Holly quietly says, "Hell, yeah." Okay, so maybe she wasn't as taken aback as I thought. Or maybe that'll have to wait until their eighth date. [Can we say that? - Zach]

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