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Hot Michael/Holly Auction

At Poor Richard's, Jim's at the bar when who should walk in but Roy, Pam's first fiancé and Jim's would-be assailant. After some awkward greetings, Roy assures Jim that he's not going to hit him or anything. Jim pretends he wasn't worried about it. Even people on Mars aren't fooled.

Kevin tries to auction off his services to do someone's taxes. No takers. "Federal and state!" Kevin adds. Crickets. Finally Kevin spits, "Fine," and throws the microphone down, knocking over the stand as he stomps back to his seat. "I would appreciate it if people would stop storming off the stage," Michael says, in one of those moments that gives a pretty clear picture of how this has been going so far. Even if the tiny red line at the bottom of the cash thermometer weren't already doing that.

Later, while Hank the security guard is onstage, playing some slow two-chord blues on an out-of-tune guitar next to a stack of self-recorded CDs, Dwight's watch alarm goes off. Dwight looks at Andy, who is not getting dumped, but rather enjoying the music. He turns around to look at Angela, who is not dumping anyone. "Me and the blues," Hank croons, in a remarkably apt comment on Dwight's expression right now.

After another commercial break, Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace walks in. At first I think he's here to put a stop to it, but he's actually driven all the way to Scranton so he can make a contribution to the auction: a weekend at his place in Martha's Vineyard. Well, there's another reason he's here, but we'll get to that later.

Meanwhile, Dwight calls Phyllis away, saying someone let the air out of her tires. Of course it's so he can talk to her in private, but once they're in the parking lot he turns out to have gone kind of method with it. "Why couldn't you have just said it? Why did you actually do it?" she asks him sadly. Dwight says that Angela ignored his ultimatum, so he needs Phyllis to tell him his next move. "You move on," Phyllis says. Dwight does so, on the spot. "Now how do I get her back?" Phyllis says he doesn't; it's over. Dwight is disappointed, having thought Phyllis had some kind of master plan. He angrily accuses her of just wanting to stay in charge of the Party Planning Committee. Phyllis slaps him, which is pretty brave of her considering the size of the knife she saw him with earlier. "And you slap like a girl," Dwight says. Then, in a TH by the building's front door, someone has clearly asked him what Phyllis did wrong. "She stuck her nose in my business," Dwight says indignantly. "And tried to help me..." With that, he kind of peters out.

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