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After taking it upon himself to clean out an overstuffed file cabinet crammed with files for dead accounts, Dwight discovers a yellowed letter purporting to be from Robert Dunder himself, alluding to a treasure he allegedly hid "until such time as a person of strong intellect may safely recover it. This golden chalice is of immeasurable historical and religious significance." After everyone hears Dwight reading it aloud, Pam sneaks off to call Jim in Philadelphia: "Did you send Dwight on a quest for the Holy Grail?" Jim says he's too busy for that, but suddenly remembers that yep, six years ago, he did just that. Flashback to a younger, more floppy-haired Jim at his old desk, creating the letter and fake-aging it, as present-day Jim recalls staying late every night for a month six or seven years ago to work on "The Dunder Code." He had a lot more spare time then.

In the present, Dwight holds the letter over Phyllis's desk lamp to render the lemon-juice ink visible, with the message "Higher than numbers go." He then climbs on Angela's desk and finds in the ceiling a key attached to an X, which Oscar figures unlocks something in the annex. Meanwhile, Jim confesses to Pam that he doesn't remember if he ever got around to hiding the actual Grail. Dwight finds a false bottom in one of Clark's desk drawers containing a scroll of fake parchment reading "SEDE INTROITI." Translating the Latin, Dwight rips open the seat cushions near the entrance but finds nothing but five playing cards inside. "That's a flush," says recovering gambling addict Kevin. From inside a toilet, Dwight discovers a toy forklift. Cut to everyone ransacking the warehouse. Pam reports to Jim over the phone that nothing is there. "I expected more from young Halpert," Jim sighs disappointedly. Sure, but young Halpert is being written by the old writers. Dwight calls off the search as the camera pans over to a warehouse worker in Val's office, dipping his donut into a Holy Grail full of coffee. He chose...wisely.

Nellie is meeting with her "Youth Task Force" consisting of Pete and Erin in the conference room as they explain the social media strategy they're implementing, which so far consists of making up fake Facebook accounts. Nellie is proud of herself for putting the two of them together, and Erin THs about how she and Pete work well with each other. But she assures us that it could be any guy, or any girl, not that she's into girls, not that she's into Pete either. "What was the question again?

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