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Dwight asks everyone to sign a clipboard for what he claims is a coffee order, but Phyllis quickly susses out that it's actually a loyalty pledge to Dunder Mifflin. Everyone tells him to chill out, especially Darryl, who says it isn't a big thing and that nobody even knows he's got this other gig on the side. So Dwight goes to Clark and demands access to all of Darryl's complaints from the last few weeks. "They got us set up with Windows 95, so you're kind of dreaming here," Clark explains. Instead, he fires up his dot matrix printer and they begin waiting.

Dwight's now holding a presentation in the conference room about loyalty, introducing a client who supposedly came storming in today over Darryl's failure to properly prioritize his current job. The guy is clearly not that upset, beyond being a little uncomfortable at all the fuss Dwight's making. Darryl explains to the client that the one-time delay in his shipment was due to unexpected truck downtime and it's very unlikely to happen again. The customer is satisfied with that explanation, but Dwight refuses to let him leave and keeps hammering the loyalty thing. Nellie hijacks the discussion, turning it into a metaphor for how Darryl is dating Dunder Mifflin. "Darryl is dating Val. Still," Darryl grumbles. With a significant look at Erin and Pete, Nellie adds that Darryl's flirting with Jim's company on the side. Because this is all too subtle for anyone in the room to actually pick up on, she asks everyone if it would be okay for Erin to cheat on Andy in his absence with, say, a Mr. X. Angela pipes up that it would be immoral. "Didn't you cheat on Andy?" Erin asks her. "Yes, and he didn't like it," Angela insists. A confused Kevin asks if they can just refer to Mr. X as Pete, since that's clearly who Erin is flirting with. Awkward silence.

Pam's in the front row at Cece's recital, trying to record the performance on her phone when she gets a call from the City of Scranton. Worse, she takes it, and is loudly excited when she hears she got the mural commission. She manages to get off the call just in time to see Cece's spin-kiss. Cece does it better than Jim did.

Dwight and Darryl bid the customer farewell at the elevator, Dwight thinking he's made his point. Darryl says Athlead is his future, even though Dwight can't understand how it could be more fun than selling paper. "Are you pretending to be crazy?" Dwight asks him.

Back in the conference room, where the increasingly inappropriate discussion of Erin's personal life is continuing, Pete asks where this is even coming from. "Your feelings for Erin? Probably your heart... and a little bit your penis," Kevin speculates. Erin quietly begs Nellie to shut down the Youth Task Force. "You're welcome, Andy," Nellie THs. "And you're welcome, my own ass."

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