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Here Comes the Boom Operator

Jim and the other partners are still trying to calm the skittish investor. Jim expects a call from someone who's on the road with some crucial numbers, but he ignores the next buzz on his phone because it's only his wife. Pam leaves him an excited voice mail about how Cece did great and she wants to tell him something.

Down in the warehouse, one of the workers tells Darryl to hop on a delivery. He tries to blow it off, but goes out and gets into the cab of a truck, only to find himself being kidnapped by Dwight at the wheel.

On the road, Dwight turns on some music and party lights (part of the "shipment of fun" he promises) but Darryl turns them back off and asks how far it is. Dwight throws a ball at him and sys they can play sports along the way. That seems more dangerous than fun.

Toby finds Nellie in the kitchen and gives her a big long hug of congratulations before asking why she has it in for Pete and Erin. Nellie reminds Toby of Andy's recommendation letter for her adoption, but Toby points out how Andy pretty much abandoned Erin. "Not everybody has what we have," he reminds her. Nellie THs, "I just remembered: I kissed that man. Oh no."

Dwight stops at a drive-thru with Darryl for fun, and for more fun, throws his milkshake at the window worker, saying it's a YouTube thing. Darryl, not amused, takes the keys out of the ignition.

Back in the office, Pam offers to show everyone Cece's recital video, but all she has is the end of the recital after she toggled the wrong way between "pause" and "play," because of the phone call she got in the middle of taping. "User error. I heard it happens to other people," Oscar says understandingly. Angela thinks Pam is "already kicking herself for choosing a phone call over her child." Pam plays it cool, THing that she hasn't told anyone about the mural because she wants Jim to know first. "Whenever I tell him good news, he's always like, 'Beesly!'" Probably not today, though.

Pete makes a copy and says "hey" to Erin, who stiffly greets him, "Hello, Peter." Nellie looks on pensively.

Darryl stands over Dwight while he cleans the fast food place's kitchen, complaining that it barely feels like a prank any more. Karma moves fast this week, as another drive-thru customer hurls a milkshake at Dwight and drives off. Dwight yells out the empty window, "Joke's on you, buddy! They make you come back and clean it up!"

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