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Michael talks to Dwight about his scores, which he says are horrible. Dwight thinks that Michael is joking. Using the Socratic method and a dead-serious expression, Michael convinces Dwight that it is not a joke. Not one that Michael's playing, anyway. Which, to be fair, wouldn't be much of a joke, either.

In the kitchen, Jim encounters Andy, who's pretty happy about his own scores. "I miss him," Pam murmurs in Jim's ear. Suddenly Andy notices that the mug Jim is drinking from has Andy's face printed on it, superimposed over a gray star. He demands it back in that reformed-rageaholic way he has. Jim's in no hurry to hand it over, when he can just make Andy crazy instead.

When Jim's back at his desk and still on the space-phone with Pam, the subject of Dwight and his foul mood comes up. "Describe him exactly," Pam says. "What color mustard is his shirt -- yellow or Dijon?" "Spicy brown, actually," Jim says. Beesly's been gone too long. Finally Dwight notices that Jim seems to be talking to himself, but he quickly tells Jim what's bothering him anyway: "I'm being sabotaged," he claims. "I'm going to find that person and punish them." If Dwight suspects Jim, he's being uncharacteristically subtle about it. "Or you could just be nice to your customers," Jim suggests. "You're an idiot," Dwight responds. Jim: "There's that charm." Jim gets called in next for his review with Michael, and has a rushed "wish me luck/thank you/love you too" exchange with Pam. "I wasn't talking to you," Jim tells a flummoxed Dwight, who then THs about having caught Jim talking to himself. "What a loser! Get some friends, loser!"

Andy appears to have settled on a giant tent for his and Angela's wedding. In fact, he got the best "tentist" on the East Coast, and he's very excited about it.

In Michael's office, Michael reports that Jim's scores are "poopy," whereupon Jim quickly reaches up and flips his earpiece off, effectively hanging up on Pam. Michael elaborates that the responses describe him as "smudge and arrogant." In a TH, Jim admits that he's worried about it, since he's hoping to buy his parents' house so they can retire. "And if history tells us anything, it's that you can't go wrong buying a house that you can't afford." Topical! The house is supposed to be kind of a surprise for Pam. He gets her back on the line, apologizes for "losing her for a second," and tells her that his scores weren't so great. Pam doesn't seem too worried. "Maybe it's 'cause you spent the whole year flirting with the receptionist," Pam guesses. "Little bit," Jim agrees. "Worth it." Aww.

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