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Pam's at work when suddenly the guy from her art class comes in. "It's Alex!" Pam tells Jim. "It's Pam!" Alex responds, inviting her to some Chuck Close retrospective on the spot. Since she can't just leave work on a moment's notice, as any non-art student would know, he ends up calling her out to the hallway to talk in private. "That's it, I want to talk to this guy. Put me in his ear," Jim jokes. Without ever realizing that Jim is listening in, Alex ends up making her an impassioned case that she should stay in New York instead of moving back to Scranton. Jim hears the whole plea, but does not hear Pam refute a word of it, other than to say, "Jim's in Scranton." And so's that house that he's planning to buy them from his parents, not that she knows that. I guess he could always flip it. But that's not the point right now. Alex continues, "You don't want to wake up in 50 years and look back and wonder what could have been." Which is totally Pam's softest spot of many soft spots, and Jim knows it. Alex leaves Pam to think about it. On the other end of the line at his desk in Scranton, Jim is looking pretty upset. Neither of them is saying a word to the other. Which is just the time for Dwight to notice Jim's tiny earpiece. "May I?" he whispers reverently, reaching for Jim's ear. "Don't," Jim snaps softly.

End tag: Angela and Andy are sitting in the conference room with Dwight while he makes his pitch only to Angela, promising to be available to her at all times. Angela is thoroughly on board with this, and Dwight tells Andy that planning the wedding is no longer Andy's responsibility. "Pay him whatever he wants," Angela tells Andy. "Dwight, you are going to make us so happy," Andy says, clasping his fiancée's hand. Dwight and Angela smile at each other. Yes, someone's going to be getting a happy all right.

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