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Dinner Party

Okay, I'm going to be up front with you: there's a big difference between doing a weecap of this show off DVDs at one's leisure and doing one off a live episode when it's due before I wake up the next morning. So I hope you'll forgive me if these weecaps for the remainder of Season Four aren't as detailed as the ones I wrote for Seasons Two and Three. And in return, I'll keep to myself my wish that Pam and Jan will make out. Deal? Good.

Michael's got everyone working late at the office for some reason, until he fakes yelling at Corporate over the phone to get everyone out of it. He cuts everyone loose and invites Jim to bring Pam over to the condo for dinner that night. Jim's been dodging invitations like this for a while, but since he's already told Michael he doesn't have plans, he has no excuse. Dwight asks what time to be there, but Michael informs him that it's couples-only: himself and Jan, Jim and Pam, and...Angela and Andy. Try to picture Dwight's devastation. Also, I hope you enjoyed the five seconds of screen time the supporting cast got this week

Jim and Pam arrive at the condo first, for awkward greetings and to present Jan with a bottle of wine that Jan can't wait to "cook with." Jane starts the tour upstairs, showing off her unused office space and the other room she's taken over as a candle-making studio. Jim is nearly pole-axed by the stench. Next is the bedroom, where Jan hastily tucks away the video camera on its tripod. Pam admires the bench at the foot of the master bed, which is in fact Michael's bed because Jan gets the bed proper to herself. He tries to show off how comfy it actually is, and only succeeds in looking like a bald St. Bernard.

Downstairs, Michael shows off his fancy new 12-inch plasma that he hung on the wall, and also points out the crude table he made out of what looks like a scraps from a broken shipping pallet. Jim gives Michael props, and Pam tells them that when Jim tried to set up her TiVo he left her TV mute for a week. Michael offers to help any time, which Jan turns into some subtle weirdness. Jim notices Michael's Dundies crammed into a corner trophy case, and we learn that Jan let him choose between putting the Dundies on display or a neon beer sign. Of course the Dundies won. Dundies always win.

Andy and Angela show up next with flowers, one of which Andy pulls out for an unappreciative Angela. Pam offers to help with dinner (subtext: let's get this over with), but Jan informs her that she's got a three-hour recipe in progress. Pam looks at Jim with plain desperation as Andy and Angela get to start the tour.

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