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Dinner Party

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Dinner Party

Later, in the drive-thru parking lot, Jim and Pam eat fast food in their car and call each other "babe," like Jan and Michael did all evening. Jim stole Hunter's CD, and he pops it in the player, cueing a Magnolia-style montage: Michael rides home, hanging out the window of Dwight's car. At another drive-thru, Andy licks Angela's ice cream cone, and she's so offended that she opens her window and slams the gooey mess against the door of his Prius. She does not like his car. Alone at Michael's condo, Jan is failing to repair Michael's broken Dundie with Super Glue. Finally, Dwight blows past his babysitter waiting at a bus stop while Michael sleeps in the shotgun seat.

Welcome back, everyone!

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