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Diversity Day

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Diversity Day

Finally, Jim gets on the phone with Mr. Decker to complete his sale. But when he does, he learns that Mr. Decker has already been dealt with. By Dwight. Who gave him a discount. I pause here to mention that in most offices, this kind of client-poaching is absolutely emphatically Not Done and is often entirely prohibited by policy, but it works in the story, so...whatever. Jim leaves the mini-bottle of champagne on Dwight's desk.

Conference room. Michael is complaining to the entire group about Mr. Brown and his seminar of renown. He is holding court about how he wanted to do it "our way," and everyone in the room is wondering how long they have to sit here before they can go wash the adhesive off their foreheads. Except for Kevin, who still has "Italian" on his forehead. Michael mentions food, and Kevin throws in "Maybe some spaghet-ti," at which point Michael finally tells him he can take it off. One gets the feeling Kevin kind of liked being Italian. An exhausted, bored Pam drops her head onto Jim's shoulder. He smiles a bit. He waits a beat, then smiles a bit more. Elsewhere, things are wrapping up but not getting better as Stanley corrects Michael's mention of "colored greens" to "collard greens." Michael says that this makes no sense, since there are no "collard people." Michael really needs to dismiss the seminar before he gets popped in the jaw. And indeed, finally, Michael lets everyone go, wishing Oscar "buena vista." When everyone is gone, Jim sits with a snoozing Pam on his shoulder. Reluctantly, he "hey"s into her ear, and she stirs. She sits up, and they both chuckle nervously. She gets up and walks out.

Jim TH. "Ahhh...not a bad day," he says through a goofy smile. And then he looks up and to the right, as he always does when he's squashing his feelings.

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