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Michael comes out of his office to see Kelly buttoning Ryan up in a beautiful silver-grey Indian tunic, and snickers, "Nice dress, Ryan." That would be sophomoric even if the tunic didn't stop just below Ryan's waist, which it does. Plus he's wearing pants. Kelly corrects Michael; the garment is called a kurta. Not that this seems to improve Ryan's mood. In an office TH, Michael explains that Kelly, "one of our most ethnic coworkers," has invited them all to a Diwali celebration, because Season Three is about getting everyone out of the office for any reason they can think of. Michael explains the highly significant Hindu festival of light commemorating not only the victory of good over evil but also the inner light within us all (oh, all right, I never heard of it before this episode either, so sue me) with typical sensitivity. Meaning he mocks Kelly's speaking voice and all the gods with unpronounceable names, and finally concludes that it's basically "a Hindu Halloween." Back in the bullpen, Michael, seeing the way that Kelly and Pam are admiring Ryan in his kurta, goes from mocking to "how come you didn't get me one?" in ten seconds flat.

In the conference room, Phyllis is using a flip chart to organize carpools to the Diwali thing. Pam's considering skipping the whole event, pleading tiredness. And Meredith's invitation to come over and watch Sex & the City with a pitcher of appletinis doesn't seem any more tempting. Later, at reception, Kelly harangues Pam about not going, and she admits that she doesn't have a date. So Kelly ropes in Dwight, who agrees he's "100%, totally single." That earns him a level-three glare from Angela over the room divider. The perils of a secret romance pale next the perils of a secret romance with Angela.

In the break room, Kevin asks who is going to "this Indian thing" tonight. Roy tries to casually repeat the question, which only gets him mocked by Kevin for wondering if Pam's going. Angela warns everyone not to go: "They eat monkey brains." You're telling me that Angela sat through that much of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom before writing an angry letter to someone? I think not. From the soda machine, Michael leaps to the defense of the culture, saying they don't do that, and if they did, he'd be all over it. With one hand on Kevin's shoulder and another on Stanley's, Michael pays lip service to diversity and references Kwanzaa. "I don't celebrate Kwanzaa," Stanley rumbles. "You should, it's fun," Michael cheerleads. Well then, why doesn't he invite Stanley over for his Kwanzaa party? That's a scene I'd like to see, especially if Stanley actually shows up.

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