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Food line. Angela asks the serving guy what she can eat as a vegetarian. He tells her it's all vegetarian. Proving conclusively that she's never happy unless she has something to be miserable about, she bitches, "I'll just have some bread," and complains when he uses his fingers to slap a sheet of naan on her plate. At Michael's table, he spits out his samosa when he finds out it's not a s'more, then bitches in a TH about how it wouldn't have been that hard to make s'mores. He actually seems genuinely offended that an Indian celebration of a Hindu holiday was so thoughtless as to neglect the American campfire snacks.

Ryan is at a table, trying to make nice with the three younger Kapoor sisters who are swarming him, but all they want to do is titter to each other in another language. A smashing-looking Kelly (seriously, she's like a walking Bollywood musical number) comes to the rescue, telling them to knock it off. "They said something about Zach Braff," Ryan frets at Kelly. Oh no, is he worried that Kelly's sisters are among the hordes who thought Garden State was overrated?

Pam has decided to come after all, and in her sky-blue cardigan she THs that while she feels underdressed, "At least I'm not dressed like a slutty cheerleader, right? Is that mean?" Well, since it wasn't Carol's fault? Kind of. This is the tragedy of her separation from Jim: they can't calibrate each other's humor to stay on the right side of the line anymore.

Dwight rolls in, rocking a red dashiki like he was born in it (although of course it's much cleaner than it would be had that actually been the case). Seeing Angela, he screeches to an awkward stop, then spots Ryan and sublimates his Ange-lust by going into full-on temp-hazing mode. Ryan's so lucky he doesn't have pigtails, and that there are no inkwells nearby.

Later, which is more embarrassing -- Michael clumsily joining in on a traditional group dance on the main floor, or Dwight raising the roof on the sidelines? Carol watches Michael and smiles, as if trying to make up her own mind on that subject. Meanwhile, Kelly's parents are giving her a hard time about what a loser Ryan is, especially compared to the young Indian "whole doctor" they've got in mind for her, who is lurking awkwardly in the background. Kelly is so not hearing it.

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