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Pam is trying to get Michael to get started on a to-do list for the day, including getting dressed. Michael resists. "I have too many things to do before I get dressed. I need to find a hundred clients." Setting a more realistic goal, Pam says they need to start putting together a sales team. Michael mentions Ryan (an idea Pam doesn't love for obvious reasons), then Vikram from his old telemarketing gig. Plus he's got a meeting with a potential investor lined up. So things aren't so bad. Until he flops into a chair, his legs open, and turns out to be wearing nothing under the robe except a lot of blurry pixels. "Hey!" Pam barks. "We need to get you dressed," Pam says, circling back to the top of the list. But is his thing still so small?

Pam THs that she has her own doubts, but sometimes one person in a relationship gets calmer when the other freaks out. And she hates that she used that word. Behind her, Michael emerges from his bedroom, looking as good as ever in suit and tie. Ready to go.

Charles "busts" Andy looking at a soccer slideshow on his computer, and Andy acts embarrassed as he "admits" that it's his secret obsession. Charles says that makes two of them. Actually, just one, since Andy THs that he hates soccer, but Charles doesn't, so of course now Andy, being Andy, loves soccer. The two of them briefly talk soccer at Andy's desk, while Jim looks on from the background. He THs that he's never been a kiss-up. "If you want to impress your boss, you go in there and you do mediocre work. Half-heartedly." It's worked up until now.

Next on the to-do list: open the mail. Pam hands Michael the first letter addressed to the Michael Scott Paper Company, Inc. which is exciting until it turns out to be from the condo board telling him he can't run a company out of his home. So they add "find an office" to the to-do list. Pam reads Michael the next item: song parodies to sing in the car. ("My Stumps"! About a guy without legs -- Angel) She does know how to keep him moving. "We can do this," Michael says. "We can do this," Pam repeats as she follows him out the front door. Notice I said "repeats," not "agrees."

Back from ads, Charles is holding court in the bullpen, surrounded by a bunch of DMers who have suddenly discovered their love for soccer. He asks if Jim's a fan. And Jim admits that he isn't. When Charles turns away, Jim adds, "That's because I'm more of a player." From the copy machine, Dwight gleefully says he had no idea Jim played soccer, and he thinks it would be a great idea for Jim and Charles to play in the parking lot that night. "Great ideas are just part of what I bring to the table," Dwight says. "I don't try to be anything that I'm not." Gooooaaal!

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