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Kick to the Head

Back at the nursing home, Michael's grandmother shoots him down. Cold, flat, and hard. He sits down and pouts fiercely.

"I thought Nana raised some good questions," Vikram says in the car. "What kind of a name is Nana?" Pam tells him what it means. "Oh, sweet Jesus," Vikram breathes. He asks to be dropped off back at work. In the parking lot there, Vikram starts to give Michael some advice, but Michael slams the door and pulls away. I miss Vikram.

In the parking lot/soccer field, Charles tries to pass to Jim, but Jim ducks and the ball slams into Phyllis's face. Everyone gathers around her while Charles and Dwight give Jim a hard time for ducking, and Jim runs for ice. Chalk it up to teamwork.

At the condo, Ryan runs into the house to watch TNT. "I have cable and satellite as a backup," Michael explains. That's meant to be joke, but in my last five years of recapping, there have been a few times I could have used such an arrangement. Pam's still sitting in the passenger seat of his car, staring coldly up at him while he babbles. Finally she says she can't do this. "I had a real job. I sat ten feet away from my fiancé. I had health benefits." She says she was feeling impulsive, and this was one of those times where she let her boredom build up and did something too big. (Like dropping out of art school with one class left? -- AC) Now that she's freaking out, Michael is the calm one, and he says the first thing on their new list is to get Pam out of the car. She just throws the notebook with the list out onto the driveway. She wonders why she was the only one to go with him. "Your own grandmother doesn't even believe in you," she says. Ouch. Michael leans down to her window and seriously tells her about their situation. They both quit, so they have limited options, and here they are: "We can start this paper company... that's it, that's our only option." Michael says he does his best when nobody believes in him, which of course Pam knows well. So he says he's going to go inside, make some calls, and show her why she did this.

So inside, Michael's on the phone to Billy. You remember who Billy is. Or if you don't, you soon will. Michael's bugging him for some "secret office that you have lurking around. Something awesome, free... no, not there. That would be humiliating." Sounds perfect.

And he THs about how he stepped up, while we see him, Pam, and Ryan crossing the parking lot back into the Scranton Office Park. Of the people playing soccer in the lot, only Jim notices them. He and Pam shrug at each other. And then Billy, the wheelchair-using office manager from way back, leads them into what looks like an unused storage room. It's tiny. It's cluttered. It has exposed plumbing. It will be the corporate headquarters of the Michael Scott Paper Company.

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