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Drug Testing

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Drug Testing

Pam has also been out, and she delivers a Coke to Jim's desk. She wants Jim to buy it from her so she can find out what's been going on with Dwight all day. Jim gives her a dollar and her Coke back, and they have ten minutes left in her break to catch up. Doesn't Pam owe Jim some change? She could maybe start by changing boyfriends.

I underestimated Michael; he has come up with a bone to throw Dwight, in the form of making him the building's "official security supervisor." He leads Dwight down to the security desk, which is already occupied by an aging security guard. As has been obviously prearranged by Michael, the guard "swears" Dwight in and gives him a plastic tin star to pin on his suit jacket. "Can I have a gun?" Dwight asks. The guard says that even he doesn't have one. Dwight's fine bringing in his bo staff. Michael leaves Dwight to "go over some details" with the guard, who is already regretting letting Michael talk him into this.

Jim THs that this was a terrible day to not be able to talk: "Dwight was literally carrying around his own urine and dressed like one of the Village People." Jim wonders to us what Dwight gets out of his relationship with Michael, anyway, as the camera watches Jim talk to Pam in the kitchen. The semi-open blinds obscure the shot a bit, but I'm sure you can still see the irony.

Oh, and speaking of deleted scenes, the actual culprits turned out to be a couple of randoms from Vance Refrigeration. Not that it matters, right?

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