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Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Pam finds Jim at the vending machine and gives him a chaste peck on the cheek. "How dare you," cracks Jim, as Pam steals off, beaming. It's a moment noticed only by the camera...oh, and Toby. Behold the latest indignity in the challenging life of Toby Flenderson.

Sometime later, everyone is looking quizzically at his or her copy of a memo Toby's circulated regarding the policy on office PDA. Michael approaches Toby -- already all pissed off, as he is in every interaction he has with Toby -- to crab that if the memo was directed at him, his recent office PDA with Jan was entirely consensual, mostly quiet, and carried on when most of his colleagues had already gone home. I guess that anyone who stays past regular quitting time deserves to see whatever hams get pressed against Michael's office window. But Toby informs him that the memo wasn't targeted toward Michael. Angela, without any prompting, pipes up to announce that she has never been involved with anyone in the office, while Dwight studiously avoids her gaze. Toby says that the memo was actually aimed at Pam and Jim. Michael's like, "What?" Jim confirms that he and Pam are dating, and the camera focuses on Pam, who does an adorable silent "oh!" face at the surprise of Jim's admission. Nearly everyone is psyched about it -- one of the few exceptions being... "Toby, was this your fun little way of congratulating us?" asks Pam. Toby, tightly: "Yes." Man, this'll make for a few good talks between Toby and his therapist. Anyway, Michael makes Pam come out from behind her desk and takes Jim's and Pam's hands to make a formal declaration: "This is a day that will live in infamy." For Toby, it will. Michael goes on to call this the day that Jim and Pam have "become one." He gives Jim a big hug and a kiss, though Pam slips away before she can get her own inappropriate PDA. Dwight interviews that Jim and Pam could both do better, which...means no one is winning in the relationship, which seems unfortunate. Angela's not surprised, since Pam is "the office mattress." Hey, she's stopped wearing blouses that look like ticking! And Andy is ecstatic that, with Jim off the market, Andy gets to click up a notch as the hottest single guy in the office. They don't follow this with another shot of Dwight, but they could.

After credits, Michael enters the conference room, where the members of the party planning committee are hanging a "Welcome Back, Ryan" banner. I swear to God, when I was fast-forwarding my recording to this spot, I couldn't make out the words in the blur and thought it was a "Congratulations, Jim and Pam" banner -- which I wouldn't be surprised to see Phyllis whip up, but which I just couldn't see Angela signing off on. Anyway, Michael asks the banner squad to "make it straight," adding the requisite "That's what she said." Phyllis wearily asks whether Michael planned that, which he denies, but Pam grabs a piece of notepaper out of his hand and reads both that quip and the ones he either rejected or hasn't had a chance to bust out yet: "That job looks hard." "You should put your mouth on that." She asks how he would work the latter into conversation, and Michael sheepishly says he thought they might be blowing up balloons. He thinks Ryan warrants the balloon treatment? If they're going to put those up when someone from Corporate comes by, how are they going to make Veterans Day special? Anyway, Kelly -- in a vampish strappy sundress of some kind of shiny satin, and about four bottles of Benefit Cheek Stain -- strolls in, points to the banner, and casually asks if Ryan's coming by. Pam, amused, confirms that he is. Kelly wanders out again, possibly to see if she has any emergency chicken cutlets for her bra.

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