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Dunder Mifflin Infinity

After commercials, Dwight and Michael watch the car get towed out of the lake. It seems as though Michael didn't get rental insurance. See? Like that -- that is a legitimate idiocy for the character.

Dwight goes to call a cab on his cell phone ("Look at that! Still works! Old-fashioned cell phone"), but as he's doing it, Michael gets all in a swivet again about Aaron, and orders Dwight to hang up: they're going to walk back to Aaron's office and take back their gift basket. See, Ryan? Can a website come and bother you at your place of business? Other than with too many pop-up ads?

Pam shows Ryan her initial logo sketches. He says he'd like to talk about it more, and asks her out for dinner that night. There's awkward babble back and forth, and finally Pam says, "I'm dating Jim." Ryan: "You're...kidding." Both of them look over at Jim, who sheepishly waves." Ryan stammers, "That's...awesome," probably thinking that if he'd never been moved to the back of the office with Kelly, that could have been him! Turns out they can talk about logos during regular business hours after all. And Jim interviews that he guesses Ryan can't get any girl he wants. Oh, Jim. Smug is not a good color on you.

Law office. Michael aggressively beckons Aaron out to the lobby and quietly demands his gift basket back. Aaron suggests that they leave, but instead, Dwight and Michael park their soaking-wet asses on the leather couches. Aaron stomps into the next room and throws the gift basket down on a coffee table. Michael complains that it's been opened. "Yeah, it was mine!" Aaron reminds them. Michael looks through the cellophane to see what's missing, and grabs his head in horror as he realizes that it's the Turtles. Both Dwight and Michael start screaming at Aaron to produce the Turtles, until he has to admit that he ate them. Michael seems vindicated by this admission, and nods at Dwight to follow him out. Dwight murmurs to Aaron, "We'll bill you." Well, okay, (a) I'm not sure you understand the "gift" part of the phrase "gift basket," and (b) the only person who could resist eating a box of free Turtles is a DIRTY COMMUNIST.

Dwight and Michael return to the branch with Aaron's gift basket. Michael announces to the bullpen that the office won't be using any new technology. Ryan replies, "That is not correct." Michael chokes that although Ryan thinks that technology is the answer, Michael just drove his car into a lake because a machine told him to, and he did it because he trusted "Ryan's precious technology." Phyllis asks whether they got any clients back, and Michael lies, "Maybe." One thing he knows for sure is that his gift baskets never endangered anyone's life. He starts to go back into his office, but can't resist popping back out to rub it in Ryan's face: "Game, set, match. Point. Scott. Game over. End of game." I don't get it.

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