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Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Dwight very formally drops off a receipt for the gift basket goodies at Angela's desk, and then lingers. Angela curtly orders him to the elevators.

Once there, Angela very bitterly informs Dwight that they're broken up, and that he needs to accept it. He says he wants to be friends: "Plus a little extra. Also, I love you." And then Angela stomps off for some reason! Chicks, man.

Speaking of chicks, man: Kelly has apparently dropped the ruse about her pregnancy, and doesn't know why Ryan is so pissed off that she deceived him that way in the first place. Ryan firmly states that they won't be getting back together. Kelly: "Why noooooot?" The only way Ryan's escaping this one is to tell her he's pregnant, and it's not hers. What? I don't know. It's late.

PB&J banter about whether the magic is gone now that their relationship is out in the open. They're cute and all, but he still really needs a haircut.

Ryan returns to the bullpen in time to see Michael getting ready to deploy his gift baskets. (Oh, and Michael seems surprised that Ryan's there again, so I am assuming Ryan spent an unplanned overnight visit in Scranton, if you know what I'm saying.) If Ryan's scared that Michael's peanut brittle is totally going to show up Ryan's whole Infinity plan, he hides it extremely well.

Michael interviews that he's been told his whole life that he can't do things, like get on the team, or go on to second grade; this whole thing with his gift baskets is the same. And in case we were concerned, Michael did eventually kick second grade's ass, and was the biggest kid in the class. Also probably the tallest. And, eventually, the hairiest, assuming this was before the days of social promotion.

Michael announces pairs of salespeople who'll team up to deliver gift baskets, but everyone is resistant. Phyllis asks how gift baskets are going to win back the clients who've fired DM, and Michael calls gift baskets the essence of fanciness and class, and even "the ultimate present." Andy, however, argues that cash is the ultimate present, since you can buy whatever you want with it, including a gift basket. Jim improves on that by suggesting gift baskets full of cash, and Andy enthusiastically backs him up. Michael bitterly says that he'll go alone, and "win them back by" himself. This phrasing strikes a chord with Dwight, of course, who demands to join him. Ryan wishes them luck. Michael snaps that they don't need luck, but conceded that it's nice of Ryan to say. The man-crush dies hard, people.

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