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Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Michael and Dwight drop off a gift basket at some kind of car place. Larry, their former client, is perfectly nice, but also pretty direct in saying that he isn't going back to DM. Dwight, of course, conflates his sales pitch for Larry with his sales pitch for Angela, though Michael manages to deflect it, telling Larry to enjoy the gift basket. Larry's like, "Thanks?" He adds that Office Depot's website is very easy to use, which he and his colleagues appreciate. Michael tries to point out that DM offers the human touch, but Larry seems fine with getting his human touching elsewhere.

Michael and Dwight drive to their next destination, bitching about Larry (and, in Dwight's case, about Angela). Michael marvels at his GPS thing's accuracy, because Michael is old.

Ryan offers Pam the chance to design a logo for Dunder Mifflin Infinity, asking her to do a couple of mockups. She eagerly accepts, and then interviews with faux jargon that she's going to do mockups, and then turn them into thumbnails, and then trails off and says she's just really excited. Possibly, she's most excited to have a legitimate work-related reason to bust out her sweet Prismacolor pencilcrayons during business hours.

Michael and Dwight have now made their way to a law office. Michael impresses Aaron, the ex-client, by remembering details about his daughter, and then gives him the gift basket, asking him to reconsider Dunder Mifflin. Aaron is noncommittal. Michael tries to wait him out into returning to Dunder Mifflin. Dwight, again, conflates their message with what he wants to tell Angela, only now, instead of being aggressive in trying to win back Aaron, he's despondent and has basically given up, forcing Michael to sell twice as hard. Dwight's already half out the door when Michael panics and tells Aaron that the company's coming out with a website. This interests Aaron, who says that they should get in touch with him when it's live. Sure, Michael can email him from his Blackberry, if Ryan sets it up for him.

Okay, now...I imagine that what happens next is going to spark a lot of controversy. Michael and Dwight are on their way to their last stop -- a country club on the other side of a lake. GPS tells Michael to make a right turn, and Michael immediately starts to comply by turning his wheel in a hard right. Dwight stops him, saying that it means he should bear right; the camera closes in on the device's map, so that we can see Dwight is right. But Michael insists that the machine must not be misdirecting them, and that making a hard right might take them to a shortcut. Dwight's like, "THAT'S THE LAKE!" But Michael heedlessly turns right and drives STRAIGHT INTO THE LAKE. In moments, the car starts filling up with water, and there is panic as everyone gets out of the car. Michael opens the back door, and although we can see the cameraman gets out as Dwight drags Michael to safety, it seems pretty clear that Michael really wants to go back for the gift basket. And so, the controversy. Remember on The Simpsons, how Homer evolved, sometime between, I would say, Season 5 or 6, to being just a kind of dopey, negligent dad to a character who clearly had a severe mental challenge? It's kind of like the difference between eating Marge's fancy guest soaps and thinking that you can start an elephant with a set of keys. We already know that Michael is a dimwit -- obviously. He's not especially bright or curious, nor does he have a ton of common sense. But I would have thought he had enough -- and maybe just enough -- to know that you can't drive a car into a lake. I'm just saying, I hope there isn't a future episode coming where Michael forgets how to use a touch-tone phone.

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