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Out in the parking lot, as Jim gets in a taxi, Jim complains to Pam, "Now I'm gonna be all whipped for my first day at work." He says goodbye and thank you to her, adding that it was the perfect Christmas party. She sadly kisses him goodbye, and he's off. She mopes back inside, not unobserved by Dwight from the window above. No wonder Pam's disappointed; she's married to an idiot who thinks it's a good idea to take a cab to Philadelphia.

Dwight angrily trashes some party stuff, and the camera follows him to meet Pam as she's coming out of the elevator. He tells her that the party's over, and if you quit on Christmas, Christmas quits on you. He adds to the camera before the doors closes, "and guess what, kids? Belschnickel isn't real! It's me, Dwight!" Yes, I know I've been referring to him interchangeably as Belschnickel and Dwight all this time, but that's only because I went back and did some editing after my first viewing.

Back at the office ,the gang is quickly throwing together a makeshift but more mainstream party using leftover decorations, the results of Oscar's goodie run, and Phyllis's eggnog, which makes her feel like a hero.

Nellie is trying to escape to the party, while Toby starts into a whole new chapter of his tale that begins, "Forget everything you thought you knew about fingerprinting."

Darryl is increasingly, sloppily drunk. Dwight returns to the office, back in his regular clothes but still with Belschnickel-dirt on his face. He sits down across from Pam, who's also moping over Jim's departure, but she says she liked his party better. Dwight isn't convinced, and remains butt-hurt hurt that Jim didn't even stay to the end.

Darryl pours bottled into the punchbowl while Nate looks on, still wearing some makeup (honestly that's the only reason I figured out it was him in the blackface earlier), and then THs, "I'm going to tell Jim to go fuck himself." Good. Someone needs to once in a while.

Still watching Die Hard, Erin asks Pete, "Do you think Andy would ever jump off an exploding building tied to a hose for me?" Pete thinks definitely. Erin begins crying, and he puts a comforting arm around her. "I'm still Andy's girlfriend," she says angrily. It's not Pete she's mad at, though. "But you can leave your arm," she adds.

Out in the bullpen, most of the other employees are having fun, but Pam and Dwight are still missing Jim, each in their own way. Jim himself enters, and Pam happily walks toward him for a hug, but Dwight beats her to him. Jim asks him what's going on. "Last time I saw you, you were whipping me out of the building." Dwight shushes him and says it's time to break the pig rib. "I'm going to dig it out of the trash!" Pam asks Jim if he missed his bus, and he says no, "I just missed my wife." He gives her a big kiss, and after Dwight produces the pig rib, he adds, "And I found out that there's a bus at 5:00 AM." Okay, that's love.

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