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Might Makes Dwight
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The party planning committee, plus Jim and Dwight, are sitting around in the conference room without a table discussing what to get their comatose boss for a gift. Dwight pushes for a survival-basket in case he wakes up after the apocalypse, but is outvoted. So how are things going without a manager? Jim THs, "Unless you're a young child or a prison inmate, you don't need anyone supervising you. People just come in and do their work on their schedule." Most people do look pretty busy, aside from Andy and Ryan playing foosball in the vacant manager's office. "Must be because the stakes are so high," Jim snarks.

In fact, Jim has just gotten off the phone with Jo, having declined an offer to take over as acting manager. "I don't want to mess this up," he explains to Pam. "There's a consensus. People are happy." Just then Dwight's phone rings, and even Jim knows what that means. "Yes, I would," he says. "Thank you." With all appropriate drama, Dwight moves to take over the manager's office. "What have you done?" Pam murmurs to Jim in horror. From the manager's desk, Dwight calls Mose and says, "You'll never guess where I am right now." Mose, over the phone: "AAAAAAAHHH!!"

Well, Dwight does have top billing in the interim credits, after all, and at the end, he reaches out and adjusts a little shogun figure on his desk, where the Deangelo's southwestern figure used to live, and Michael's Dundie before that. Can't wait to see what's there in next week's credits.

Pam gets out of the car in the parking lot, but Jim can't bring himself to follow. In a TH in the parking lot, Jim tells us Dwight has been acting manager for three months... no, a week. There's a time clock they have to punch, oversized business cards that list all their titles as "Junior Employee," and staggered lunch breaks, with Jim's at 10:30. "Stop stalling," Pam tells him. Jim staggers toward the door.

They're also doing the pledge of allegiance every morning, although Oscar pointedly skips the "under God." During the morning announcements, Dwight tells them to stop sharing copier codes with each other, and mentions an impending visit from Jo later today, so no fomenting insurrection. Jim briefly succeeds in sidetracking him with questions about fomenting, but it's a small victory.

Dwight busts Kelly coming in late, and quickly makes it weird and inappropriate, so that helped make up for lost time.

Gabe sees Andy chatting with Erin at Reception, and hauls him into the conference room, shutting the door and closing the shades so we can only see their faces through narrow cracks. Anyway, Gabe's point, which he makes tearfully, is that he needs to get Erin back because he can't be alone any more. "Do you like being alone with me right now?" "No, this is horrifying," Andy admits. Gabe gets him to promise that they'll never date again, and after a minute so "no one will know" he was crying, emerges from the room with a frozen rictus of a death-grin that's even worse than his normal smile.

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